ONE LOVE GATHERING 1-7 August 2017


For the past few months we’ve been looking for a solution to keep the festival entrance free, but getting people to have a minimal contribution for a common purpose. We came up with the following approach, which is a bit different from what you got used to in the previous years, giving us the chance to live an unique experience in such a beautiful company.

How it works
We have a limited number of 1000 vouchers that will guarantee your access in the gathering and also allow you to get food and drinks in exchange. The vouchers can be purchased here and when you arrive at ONE LOVE you will receive the full value of the voucher as tokens, plus a wristband that allows you to use these tokens and get products from the bar or restaurant.

You are still allowed to bring anything you want to eat or drink and you’re welcome to share it with others, but this way we are making sure everyone will contribute in building this community event.

The moment you book your voucher will determine its value, but in any situation, all the money will be returned as tokens. The value of one voucher will change, following this calendar:

200 RON (~ 45 Euro)     25.05 – 11.06

250 RON (~ 55 Euro)     12.06 – 30.06

300 RON (~ 67 Euro)     01.07 – 06.08 



We decided to introduce this system after discovering that so many of you are willing to support the gathering in one way or another. MUSIC has the power to bring us together. No matter what tribe you are coming from, what ancient or new belief you’re following, the color of your skin, or whatever you think could make a difference between us, you are welcome to become a member of this community. Just remember ONE LOVE Gathering is not a festival, but rather a self-managed event, where everyone is invited to co-create.

ONE LOVE is the only annual event in Romania focused on bringing the sound system culture and reggae music to the people. Since 2009, this event is gathering more and more brothers and sisters in the same spirit, and from the very beginning it was made possible only with an amazing support and good energy from many attendees. They became part of this story and together we shaped what it is today.


Somehow, a small community developed around and it keeps on growing. We believe this gathering became the most representative meeting point in Romania for those who love reggae music, but also a great opportunity for those who are willing to discover this culture.

Having so much positive feedback, help and resources coming along with beautiful ideas, a whole new perspective is now emerging on how to grow this vision, but keep that magic feeling that’s making so many people return over and over again.

We love reggae music and the way it’s delivered through sound systems up in the mountains. So far, we tried to bring together all those who resonate with us in this attitude of respect for Mother Earth. We strongly believe that dancing out in nature and vibrating on the same rhythm has the potential to generate an energy that unites all living things and gives birth to a new kind of relation among us.

Romania is a beautiful piece of land and one of the wildest places in Europe, where you can still find some of the deepest connections with natural elements and tales of ancient times. The conscious message in the music we play is better understood when breathing the fresh air of the Carpathians, with those astonishing views.

So, if you want to be a part of this adventure or simply enjoy a seven days gathering and a cultural experiment as an alternative way of seeing reality, start preparing your holiday – the first week of August is going to be a great musical journey.

One Love Gathering (Vidra Lake)