Every year since 2009, we are trying to build a temporary community for a few days, where the universal love and respect is shared by all creatures, regardless of race, color or creed.

ONE LOVE is a free gathering but we still need your full support, so any kind of help is well appreciated. To take part in this gathering you need to book a voucher here.

Although everyone entering the forest can act and behave free, guided by their own will, remember that “we are ONE” and only together can we make this event possible. Show respect to each other and be fully aware of people’s privacy. Do not disturb anyone around and embrace a “Leave no trace” attitude.

This is how things run in our community so each and everyone can feel the vibe and have a wonderful experience.


Getting ready and prepared to join ONE LOVE GATHERING is really important for all of us. Read carefully the guide, rules and advice section in order to have a perfect time and unforgettable journey.

ONE LOVE GATHERING is an open air event and will take place on any kind of weather. Love the rain, enjoy the wind and give thanks for the Sun, the Moon and the stars.

By attending and being part of this, you agree full responsibility for yourself and your actions during the event. Although it is a free gathering, organizers reserve their right to refuse admission on site or eject people that do not respect some simple rules, so we can all have a nice and safe party. By attending ONE LOVE GATHERING it means you agree with all the COMMUNITY RULES

If you are coming by car, once you reached the location, follow the signs and park your car only where specified. Please don’t let vehicles on the roadside. In case of emergency, we need clear roads. Getting your car in the forest is strictly forbidden. Drive slow on the dusty road, with a max. speed of 30km/h and please, drive carefully!

Once arrived, best thing to do first is to take a tour, get familiar with the area and know the pathways.

Look for a place to set your camp. We don’t have a special camp zone, you are free to find and choose your own, but you MUST follow 2 simple rules:

1. it’s not allowed to camp near the stage zone and in the “no camping” area;

2. when setting up your camp double-check NOT to be on a pathway or road; all tents or camps that block the free passing of people will be removed

! Fire in the forest is strictly forbidden; there are special areas to do this.

! Swimming in the lake is strictly forbidden.  Streams can be very strong and pull you underwater.

NO BOATS allowed on the water !

If you want a good rest, keep in mind that being around the sound systems will not be wise; search for a nice spot protected from the sound; it’s really important for your mind, body and spirit, to take a good rest when needed. Keep water supply in your tent, 2L should always be there.

Try to make your camp as nice as possible, bring some decorations, a flag, some bells or you can just do this with natural material.

We will spend some days out in the nature, so you have to take some time and prepare yourself. Here are some links you must read before planning your journey.


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