All the people attending ONE LOVE Gathering must have a valid wristband. The wristbands can be purchased at the gate, only in exchange of a voucher.

By attending and taking part in ONE LOVE Gathering you agree full responsibility for yourself and your actions during the event.

The following are prohibited:

– weapons

– explosives / fireworks / flammable substances

– possible dangerous objects

– glass of any kind

– campfires or any kind of open fire in the forest are strictly forbidden

– illegal substances – every individual is fully responsible if found with this kind of substances.

– selling of any kind of product without permission from organisers

– sound systems, power generators or art-installations without the written permission from the organisers

– bad attitude & violence

It is NOT allowed to enter the abandoned buildings. People found inside will have their wristband cancelled.


– it is not allowed to camp near the stage, or where you see “No Camping” sign;

– when setting up your camp, double-check not to be on a pathway or road; all tents that block the free passing of people will be removed

– keep your camp clean

Treat Mother Nature with respect and leave no trace of your visit in the forest. You might also consider what you bring on the site and try to reduce your waste.

– keep the area clean;

– bring a few garbage bags and use them at your camp

– crush all the cans and bottles before dropping them and we will produce at least ten times less volume of waste

– DO NOT throw (!burning) cigarettes on the ground; use a portable ashtray.

Keep in mind: 100 persons smoke 5000 cigarettes in 3 days. One cigarette butt takes more than 10 years to vanish in the ground.


Have a wonderful time!