Why do I need a voucher?

It’s a community event, where we can eat, drink and enjoy this beautiful vibes. 

We just agree to grow it together.

Do I need a voucher if I come only one day or just for the weekend?

Yes, the voucher doesn’t represent a ticket, it’s a minimum support from every member that agree to build this community event.

Do I need a voucher for my kids?

Kids under 14 years old don’t need a voucher. All participants under 18 years old must be accompanied by parents or legal guardian.

Are the vouchers refundable?

No, the vouchers are NOT refundable. Only in the situation of gathering cancellation.

Where can I get a voucher?

In advance, only by following the steps in the VOUCHERS section.

At the gate, at higher rates if still available.

Is there any kind of accommodation?

No, there is no accommodation on site. Only nice spots to set-up your camp.

Is there free water?

Yes, you can find free water all the time.

Can we find toilets?

Yes, there will be some toilets on the site.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, you can bring anything you want to eat and drink.

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